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Welcome to the FAQ for My Click Boss Pro™. Below are the most often askerd questions that have been asked. Just click on the question to read the answer. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact sales and ask all the questions you want. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. Both click trackers and rotator links allow you to specify the amount of T1 traffic to send and the amount of non T1 traffic to send.

My Click Boss Pro™ goes one step better. It even allows you to specify what countries you consider to be T1 traffic countries.

Have a special order or only need clicks from specific countries? You can tell My Click Boss Pro™ to only send clicks or except clicks from the specific countries you specify.

Yes! You can specify the amounts of mobile traffic to send or that you will except. You can even send Android and iOS clicks to different destination URLs if you desire.

My Click Boss Pro™ gives you total control over mobile traffic.

Of course! Click trackers and rotator links have three destination URLs. You can specify what destination URL you want to send desktop traffic, Android traffic and iOS traffic.

You can even select if you want tablets to be treated as desktop computers or mobile devices.

My Click Boss Pro™ provides you with multiple tools and methods of blocking and spotting bots, crawlers, fraudulent and suspicious traffic. Here are some of the ways that are available to My Click Boss Pro™ users.

Block search engine crawlers and search engine bots using the built in IP database that is updated frequently.

Block all types of bots using the built in bot signature database. This database is updated frequently.

Block one of the largest providers of servers that are used frequently to send fraudulent traffic. This database is constantly updated.

Block any IP address you choose.

Block any host you choose.

Block any user agent strings you choose.

Block any domains you choose.

Detailed statistics are provided to help you spot fraudulent and low quality traffic.

Other traffic testing methods to spot fraud and low quality traffic are also provided.

Yes! My Click Boss Pro™ provides standard pixel tracking as well as advanced pixel tracking.

You can track conversions, actions and just about anything you want using the two types of pixel tracking provided.

NO! Since My Click Boss Pro™ is installed on your server, you are not limited to the types of traffic you can track.

Most hosted click trackers have long lists of traffic sources that you are prohibited from using their click tracker with. Many will shut you down without notice for using unapproved traffic sources.

By using a self hosted click tracker like My Click Boss Pro™, you are not limited to just specific traffic sources that you can use.

This is one reason you need to self host, so you can take back total control over your click tracker.

Of course you are! Since it is installed on your server, you make the decisions on what you can promote.

Most hosted click tracker services only allow you to promote products they approve of. They don’t allow some products to be promoted using their click tracker.

In fact, many hosted click tracker providers will suspend or cancel your account for promoting something they don’t approve of.

It’s not that way with My Click Boss Pro™. You are the one with total control. Not the click tracker service.

Yes you can. Both click trackers and rotator links provide the option of offering client stats. Each client stats page is password protected to keep snoops out.

Yes you can. In fact, you can install My Click Boss Pro™ on one of your existing domains, or a new domain. You can also install My Click Boss Pro™ on a sub domain if you prefer.

My Click Boss Pro™ allows you to pass data through a click tracker and rotator to the final destination URL.

A very simple but powerful pass through query builder language is built in to My Click Boss Pro™ so you can pass data as needed to destination URL’s, default URLs, secondary URLs and even 404 URLs.

Data being passed through can even be modified on the fly as it’s passed through each exit URL to it’s final destination or other click trackers and rotators you have created with My Click Boss Pro™.

Yes! My Click Boss Pro™ works with both http and https sites.

Some hosted click trackers do not allow their links to be used in emails. Since My Click Boss Pro™ is hosted on your server, that choice is left up to you.

So, yes you can use My Click Boss Pro™ tracking links in emails.

Since most hosted click tracker services place multiple users on the same IP address and/or domain, one spammer can get all the users on the same IP or domain blocked from posting tracker links to social media sites. This actually happens frequently with many hosted click tracker services.

Since you install My Click Boss Pro™ on your server, you have total control. You control your IP and domain names reputation with social media sites. You are not at the mercy of others.

If you own the domains and are the only one using My Click Boss Pro™, you can install it on as many domains as you want.

Many install it on two domains. One for testing and one for production.

Oh yes it can! Of course hosted click trackers can’t be customized. But, did you know that many self hosted click trackers can’t be customized?

Many self hosted click trackers, even though you purchased the script, are encoded or encrypted. This prevents you from having a programmer or designer make any changes or customizations to the script you purchased.

My Click Boss Pro™ is NOT encrypted or encoded. It can be easily customized by a competent programmer or designer.

Don’t have a programmer? Just open up a support ticket and describe the changes and customizations you want to have made. I’ll be happy to quote you a price for making them.

I’m assuming you have been shutdown by a hosted click tracker service. This common. If you break one of their many rules, they will shut you down without notice. Basically putting you out of business.

Since My Click Boss Pro™ is installed on your server and hosted by you, My Click Boss Pro™ can’t shut you down for the actions you take while using your click tracker.

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