Why was My Click Boss Pro™ created?

Here is the story behind why My Click Boss Pro™ was created.

Well to be honest, I created the original My Click Boss™ for me and a few of my solo ad seller and email marketer friends. When I first got into email marketing, I started looking in to what scripts, software and services I needed to run a successful email marketing business. I started looking at what others where using and what was being recommended, by what I assume where successful email marketers.

Well... I quickly discovered the truth.

What truth? The truth that there is no one software, script or service that would do exactly what I needed. Sure there were plenty of options to piece together what I needed. The key word here is "piece." I had to use a script from company A, a software program from company B, and a service from company C.

So where is the problem?

I'll tell you where the problem is. It reared its ugly head when I realized I had to get all of these working seamlessly with each other. Sure it could be done, but why would I want to go through that? Plus, what happens if one of the key elements is updated and no longer will fit in its current position of the puzzle?

I quickly determined this was not the smart way to go for me. I needed something that I would not have to worry about that would do exactly what I needed for my email marketing business.

At that point I wrote down and laid out exactly what I needed and how it should work. I wanted each piece of it to work flawlessly with the other pieces. I wanted it all in one place. A few months of development time later, the original My Click Boss™ was born.

Now for the rest of the story...

My Click Boss™ was a super hit! Solo ad sellers and email marketers where singing praises about it. Then it happened.

Here is what happened.

Users where finding new ways to use My Click Boss™ and started requesting new features. Many of the features being requested where just plain genius!

So I went back into the programming dungeon and started working on the next version of My Click Boss™. I soon realized that My Click Boss™ had become so powerful that it was not the same script anymore. It was nothing like the original My Click Boss™, but many users did not need this powerful mutation of the original My Click Boss™.

So I put on my thinking cap...

And decided, why not release this new script as a new product? Bingo! The problem was solved. I could provide all the new powerful features to people that need them without making users that did not need the new features use them.

This was the birth of My Click Boss Pro™! Now the user could have his or her cake and eat it to. If they needed the new powerful features they could use My Click Boss Pro™, if they did not, they could use the original My Click Boss™ as they always have. :)

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