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What Can My Click Boss Pro™ 2 Do for You?

Read on to find out exactly what My Click Boss Pro™ can do for you and your business!

What is My Click Boss Pro™?

My Click Boss Pro™ is a PHP script that provides several core click tracking, click control and click management services all in one super affordable professional package. My Click Boss Pro™ is designed to scale with your needs as they grow. Here is a list of the core services provided by the My Click Boss Pro™ Professional Edition.

1. Click tracking services with detailed click statistics. You will always know the exact number of clicks sent to any desired URL and where they came from.

2. Click rotator services that can handle an unlimited number of URL's. You decide how the clicks are sent and how many are sent to each URL in a click rotator.

3. Complete pixel tracking. You can define an unlimited number of pixels to be used to track traffic patterns and conversion rates. Know exactly where your high quality traffic is coming from.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ Overall Tracker Stats Partial View)

Extensive Statistics Reporting

To run a successful business you need extensive statistics viewable in multiple ways. You need to be able to see exactly what is happening to make good business decisions.

My Click Boss Pro™ provides an extensive array of stats and stats views. Full statistics are shown in text, graph and map views.

My Click Boss Pro™ Professional also lets you provide your clients with full statistical views. Your clients don’t have to take your word for it. They can see it with their own eyes.

My Click Boss Pro™ also provides data dump views of all statistics and even lets you export data to your favorite spreadsheet or analysis program.

Check out the features page for a full list of the different stats provided.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ Click Tracker Stats Partial View)

Works Great Across All Devices

The unique flat design along with it's fully responsive layout provides you with an excellent experience on all devices. It does not matter if you are on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The admin interface will adapt to the device you are on.

My Click Boss Pro™ will adapt to the way you like to work. Be it clicking or typing.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ Phone, Tablet, Laptop Views)

Superior Advanced Click Trackers

My Click Boss Pro™ Professional lets you create an unlimited number of both inbound and outbound click trackers.

Each click tracker supports full GEO targeting of clicks. Click rules can be setup to accept and reject clicks that meet or fail set parameters. You have total control of where each click is sent. You can even send rejected clicks back to a URL of the senders choice.

My Click Boss Pro™ tracks both surfer IP and accessing IP to allow for true GEO location of surfer when he is behind an ISPs proxy. This prevents the problems most other tracking scripts have with wrongly identifying a surfers true country of origin. Some scripts record a non Tier 1 country as a Tier 1 country when actually the surfer is in a third world country. My Click Boss Pro™ polls the IPSs proxy for the true location of the surfer.

The Professional edition even lets you control clicks by the device type the surfer is using. Want to send smart phone or tablet traffic to a different link? My Click Boss Pro™ Professional lets you easily do this.

Check out the features page for a full listing of the features in My Click Boss Pro™ Professional.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ Add New Click Tracker Partial View)

State-of-the-art Rotators

The rotators in My Click Boss Pro™ Professional can't be beat. Extensive options are available to control click rotation just the way you want.

Each rotator can contain an unlimited number of links. Each link can have it's own set of rules assigned about what clicks it will except and what ones it will not.

Click rotators can even be chained together to create extensive click routing decision trees.

Click rotators can be set to use smart logic to not waste a single click. The smart logic used by the My Click Boss Pro™ even knows when a return visitor comes back, so not to send them to a link they have already visited, unless you want to. This helps you to get more out of each surfer that visits multiple times.

For a full list of features of My Click Boss Pro™ rotators, check out the features page.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ Create New Rotator Partial View)

Cutting-edge Pixel Conversion Tracking

My Click Boss Pro™ Professional handles conversion tracking with ease. All you need to do is place a small snippet of HTML code on the page or pages you would like to track conversions for.

You only need one snippet of code on a page regardless of how many click trackers use that page in their sales funnel. My Click Boss Pro™ can figure out the correct click tracker to assign the pixel conversion fire to.

You are not limited to tracking just a single conversion action like many scripts limit you to. With My Click Boss Pro™, you can track as many as you need.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ Click Tracker Stats Partial View)

Built In Bot, Crawler And Anonymous Proxy Blocking

My Click Boss Pro™ has built-in detection and blocking of bots, search engine crawlers and anonymous proxies.

It also detects and blocks clicks coming from popular services that are known for click farms and fake click generation.

Each type of block can be turned on and off as you choose. This give “you” total control over your click tracker. Don’t let others decided what you should block and what you should not.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ Update Bot and Crawler Databases Partial View)

Block Clicks You Don't Want

My Click Boss Pro™ Professional lets you block clicks by means of filters. You can block clicks by IP address, referring URL, host name and user agent.

You can also block clicks by device type and country of origin if desired.

My Click Boss Pro™ Professional gives you the tools to determine exactly what clicks you will except and what clicks you won't.

You have total control over your click tracker. Not someone else.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ IP Blocking)

The Stats You Need To Help Detect Click Fraud

Let’s face it. No matter what click tracker you use, blocking databases and blocking techniques can only go so far. Some click fraud and low quality traffic will get through.

In order to catch click fraud and low quality traffic you need access to the proper statistics to make intelligent decisions.

My Click Boss Pro™ provides you with the detailed stats you need.

Click tracking and rotator logs can even be exported to do additional analysis using your favorite spreadsheet or analysis program if desired.

My Click Boss Pro™ provides you with statistics in formats that help you to easily spot problems and trends.

Other click tracking programs may leave you in the dark. But, My Click Boss Pro™ does not.

With My Click Boss Pro™, you don’t have to rely just on blocking databases and blocking techniques to catch click fraud and low quality traffic.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ Click Tracker Data Dumps Partial View)

Manage Click Trades Easily

My Click Boss Pro™ gives you the tools to properly manage click trades with other people.

You can even do click trades at the same time without sending clicks they sent you back to them by accident.

The click trades feature gives you the ability to view the send and receive counts quickly and easily of each click trade you have running.

(Screenshot: My Click Boss Pro™ List Click Trades)

Self Hosted vs Hosted

Now for the million dollar question. Is it better to host your click tracker on your own server, or pay a monthly fee for a hosted click tracker? Personally at first, I thought that a hosted service was the way to go. Boy was I wrong. Not just a little bit wrong, I was big time wrong!

I could go on for a long time why self hosted is a much better way to go. But, to keep from boring you, here are the top reasons why self hosted is the way to go when it comes to click trackers.

Redirect Speed

Hosted click trackers place everyone on the same server or group of servers. They have a tendency to place way to many people using the limited resources of each server they use. When a few users start driving heavy traffic, all the users on the server start to slow. This causes redirects to slow way down and even time out.

This causes loss of clicks and revenue for you. People clicking a link don’t hang around if the page they want to visit does not start loading quickly.

Choosing a self hosted click tracker allows you to control what server and hosting plan you use. If they start to slow, or you simply outgrow your current hosting plan, you can upgrade or move to a better and faster hosting plan.

This give you total control of the speed of your redirects. Not a hosted click tracker service that thinks your redirects are fast enough. Speed should be your choice, not theirs.

Account Shut Down Without Notice

Everything is running along smooth and you are making lots of money. Then, you wakeup one mourning and find out your income has stopped! Your email account is full of people screaming at you and threatening to do chargebacks if you don’t deliver their traffic as you agreed. Yes, this horror story happens more than you think.

What happened? You go to check your click tracker and discover that your hosted account was shutdown without notice. They claim you broke a rule and that your account will not be reinstated. You are out of business and face losing even more from chargebacks. To top it off, they will not tell you exactly what rule you broke. They say they can’t tell you for security reasons.

If you are self hosted, you have the control. Not the click tracker service. You have the control to run your business they way you want. You are not forced to run your business the way the hosted click tracker feels you should.

Self hosted puts you in the drivers seat. You control your business. The choice is yours. Let someone else control your business, or place the control with you.

No Quick and Easy Way to Move to Another Click Tracker

When you use a hosted click tracker, you don’t have access to the actual database. This makes it just about impossible to move to a different click tracker without a lot of work.

With a self hosted click tracker you have complete access to the database and all of your data. Well, let me backup a step. With My Click Boss Pro™, you have complete access to your data. Some self hosted click trackers encode the data so you can’t access it directly.

In order to take total control of your click tracker, you need clear and complete access to its data.

IP and Domain Reputation Problems

This is a big one. Domains and IP addresses get banned for spam and unethical behavior all the time. This especially happens to many hosted click trackers on an ongoing basis. One minute your clicks are going through perfectly, the next not at all.

The bad part is that your reputation goes down because of others behavior.

With a self hosted click tracker, you control the domain and IP address. You don’t have to be at the mercy of everyone else sharing the domain or IP address.

Can’t Customize a Hosted Service to Meet Your Needs

When ever you use software, don’t you find something you would like to work just a bit different? Or you find yourself changing the way you do things to work within the bounds of the software you are using?

With a hosted click tracker, you can’t have modifications and customizations done to the software. But, with a self hosted click tracker you can have it customized to work the way you want to work.

Here I go again, let me backup for a second. With My Click Boss Pro™, you can customize the way it works and have modifications done, all you want. Many self hosted click trackers encrypt the script so you can’t modify it.

In order to take total control of your click tracker, you need to make sure the self hosted script you select is NOT encrypted and can easily be modified. Rest assured, My Click Boss Pro™ is not encrypted or encoded in any way shape or form.

Can’t Upgrade Servers and Hosting as You Grow

As your traffic grows, a click tracker needs more server resources to perform at top speed. With a hosted click tracker you do not have the control do upgrade the sever resources. You are at the mercy of the hosted click tracker service.

Since you install My Click Boss Pro™ on your server, you can always upgrade your server or even move to a different server any time you want.

The bottom line is, you can be at the mercy of a hosted click tracker, or you can take back total control of your click tracker and go self hosted. The choice is yours.

Why Using Your Own Domain Name and IP Address Matters

I hear horror stories all the time about a domain or IP address getting blocked by all the major ISPs. This can be a nightmare for someone when it happens.

Many hosted click tracker options available use the same domain name and same IP address for large groups of their clients. This spells disaster.

As soon as one client becomes a not so friendly neighbor, and does things to get the domain or IP address banned, you suffer. Actually everyone of the same IP or domain suffers.

This is not a rare occurrence. It happens all the time. Do you want to be at the mercy of others? Or, do you want to take back total control of your click tracker?

Another scenario that can happen, is that you make a mistake and accidentally get your IP or domain banned. Since My Click Boss Pro™ is installed on your server, you can quickly have your IP address changed, or even your domain name changed if needed.

Another benefit of using your own domain name is that you can select a domain that makes sense and does not look like a click tracker link at all. You can use a user friendly domain name instead of one people avoid clicking on.

Using your own domain name and IP address helps you to take back total control of your click tracker.

What People Are Saying About My Click Boss Pro™

Why You Should Choose My Click Boss Pro™

Losing Clicks Because Of Slow Or Timing Out Redirects?

Did you know that hosted click trackers and shared hosting is almost always oversold? This causes scripts to run slow and timeout very frequently. Has someone sent you 500 clicks and you only received 400 or so of them? This happens all the time when using hosted scripts or cheap shared hosting. Don’t miss out on these money making clicks!

You install My Click Boss Pro™ on the server and hosting plan of your choice. When your traffic grows and things start slowing down a little, you can upgrade your server of move to a more powerful hosting plan. This gives you the control over the speed of your click redirects. Not others.

Deal Directly With The Programmer For Technical Support

When you have a problem you want to get help from someone that can answer your questions or fix the problem fast. You don’t need to be explaining your problem to one person that then has to ask another person that has to contact the programmer for the answer. Your question always get changed and the answer you get back just does not seem to answer your original question. With My Click Boss Pro™, you have access to the programmer when needed to solve any problems that are not routine.

Using Your Own Domain Helps Keep You In Business

Some click tracking services place all accounts on a single domain name or IP address. Guess what happens when one person causes spam problems? Every account on that domain or IP address gets blacklisted. Everyone suffers for the acts of a single bad person. With My Click Boss Pro™, you use your own domain name and IP address. This gives you the control back and protects you from the few bad users.

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